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For the perfect baby girl or baby boy 3D, 4D & 5D Ultrasound imaging.
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To make your scan even more special, we can announce the gender with our exclusive Gender Reveal Lights!

Scans from 15 weeks

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Welcome to the
Ultrasound Nursery

Perth’s premier 3D/4D ultrasound studio for keepsake photos and video

The Ultrasound Nursery invites you, along with friends & family, to enjoy the wonderful bonding experience of seeing baby using the latest 2D, 3D & 4D technology in a relaxed, non-clinical environment.

We will guide you through the scan and show you your first glimpse of baby’s face, hands and feet. You may even see your baby waving, kicking or yawning! These images will be compiled into the package of your choice to give you a unique, once in a life-time keepsake of your child.

Gender scans from as early as 15 weeks.

Please remember that our scans are non-diagnostic and do not replace any of your diagnostic medical ultrasounds or guidance from your medical practitioner.

Heartbeat Animals

Looking for a unique pregnancy keepsake?


You can now go home with the sound of your baby’s heartbeat recorded in one of our precious Heartbeat Animals. Squeeze your Animal and hear your baby’s heartbeat.

Gender reveal accessories included! We can dress your animal in a cream bowtie or bow for a gender reveal surprise. Add to any package when booking.

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